Guide to Italian coffee

Guide to Italian Coffee

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Guide to Italian Coffee
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Italian coffee is probably the most famous thing Italy is known for - second to pizza, pasta and supercars among other things *cough! Anyway below is a useful guide to Italian coffee, what to order and what you will get!

1- Caffe Ristretto - half an espresso! In Italy an espresso is almost always single shot, the Ristretto is half this shot, very very short drink.

2- Caffe Normale - AKA the espresso. probably the most common coffee drank by Italians, short sharp down the hatch. After a meal caffe normale is usually the drink of choice. This is a single espresso shot.

3- Caffe Lungo - This is an espresso with small amount of hot water added to it making it longer (lungo) imagine a baby americano. Sometimes it will be served with hot water on the side or sometimes with the water already added in, depends on who's serving you!

guide to italian coffee 2022

4- Caffe Doppio - This is a double espresso! nothing more nothing less!

5- Caffe Macchiato - This is an espresso with small amount of foamy milk, like a mini cappuccino.

6- Cappuccino - This is an espresso served in a large cup with foamy milk making up the majority of the drink, you're basically drinking foamy milk.

7- Caffe Americano - This is a single shot coffee within hot water, pretty universal this one! Why is it called Caffe Americano? good question: During the war...when American troops loitered around Italy their taste buds couldn't handle the espresso so they always asked for a lot of hot water to be mixed in, thus the locals started calling it caffe Americano which then stuck!

guide to italian coffee 2022

8 - Caffe Marocchino - This is like a Macchiato but with added awesomeness, I mean chocolate, often Nutella at the bottom of the cup covered with an espresso, foamy milk and chocolate powder on top for extra taste!

9 - Caffe Decaffeinato - As the name suggest it's decaffeinated coffee.

10 - Caffe Bombardino - Espresso mixed with egg liquor, brandy or rum then topped with whipped cream. Bombardino has several variations: with coffee (calimero), with rum (pirata) or whisky (scozzese). The calimero variation is one part Brandy, one part Vov (Italian egg liqore) and one part espresso

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