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Tuscany is so much more than historic architecture, immersive culture, world famous food & wine. Tuscany is also home to glorious white beaches and blue warm waters, ideal for doing nothing, lying back on the beach enjoying being you!
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Follow The Beach!

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Tuscany is a paradise for beach lovers; its coastal zones not only vaunt a wide variety of beautiful beaches, but they're often flanked by many of the region's most enchanting towns.


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Rosignano beach, with caribbean white sand. This is a unique place in Europe with a visually perfect beach. The reason for this is a soda factory, which has been open since 1914. Rosignano Marittimo is a comune in the Province of Livorno, located about 80 kilometres southwest of Florence and about 20 kilometres southeast of Livorno.

Cala Violina

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Wild and free - Cala Violina takes its name from a detail that makes it unique: tiny grains of quartz that play a melody at every step. Sound beaches are an ancient phenomenon. There are barely a hundred similar places in the world, and Cala Violina is one of them.

Cala Violina, in the Mediterranean scrub of the Scarlino nature reserve, is a strip of beach facing an uncontaminated sea, enclosed between two promontories. Cala Violina can only be reached on foot or by bicycle.

Best time to visit: 1st June to 15th September.

Open from 0800-1800 restricted to 700 people. To access the beach you need to reserve your seat - the reservation fee is 1 euro! Click here


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7km of sandy beach & pine trees in a natural reserve connecting Monte Argentario to the mainland. The Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve is a state protected natural area established in 1971. La Feniglia is located in the municipality of Orbetello.

For those who want to stay in this area, there are excellent hotel facilities, both along the coast of Orbetello, Ansedonia, and in the Argentario Promontory, while along the strip of land that connects the Tuscan coast to the Argentario, there are numerous campsites.

Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese beach vacanza mare

Marina di Alberese is a great laid back beach in a protected area of Maremma National Park. There are couple of ancient towers called Torre di Collelungo and Torre di Castel Marino.

The beach at Marina di Alberese is made of fine, golden sand with many small huts constructed from white washed tree branches, ideal for shade. When you arrive here, don't stop at the first open space, keep going and you will find quiet, secluded beach all for yourself.


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Fonteblanda is a resort town by the sea in Tuscany. The town has rocky coast with good views, while to the south, there is a long sandy beach with a pine forest. Fonteblanda is part of the commune of Orbetello, province of Grosseto, in the Tuscan Maremma.

Lacona Bay

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Lacona is the longest beach on Elba island. 1,250 metres of golden sand, overlooking Lacona Bay. Sheltered by the promontory of Cape Stella on the left and by Cape Fonza on the right, the Lacona beach is very popular with families with children, as the beach runs down gently into the sea.


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Discover the four beautiful beaches of the Giglio Island. From the largest in the north-west, Campese, to the three smaller ones on the east coast: Cannelle and Arenella as well as the smallest beach Caldane, which is only reachable on foot or by boat.

Campese is a popular beach in the west of Giglio island. Sea water is always calm with a comfortable bottom, while the north end of the bay features an ancient tower.

Castiglione della Pescaia
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Castiglione della Pescaia is a coastal town. The hilltop Castello di Castiglione della Pescaia is a medieval fortress with sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Skirted by the Pineta del Tombolo pine forest, the wetlands of Natural Reserve Diaccia Botrona have flamingos and herons, plus the Casa Rossa Ximenes observation point. Northwest, the resort town of Punta Ala offers beaches with calm waters

Forte Dei Marmi

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Forte dei Marmi is a seaside town in Tuscany, Italy, known for its beaches. The Pontile is a long pier offering views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, plus the city, which features the Apuan Alps in the background.

Sculptures dot the town center, including the marble Monumento ai Caduti war memorial. Nearby in Piazza Garibaldi, the 18th-century Lorenese Fort is a symbol of the city. Forte Dei Marmi is the most luxury seaside resort of Tuscany in Italy. It is common to believe that this is a holiday destination for the European elites.


Mazzanta vacanza mare beach tuscany italy

Mazzanta beach is located between Vada and Marina di Cecina and is one of the quietest beaches on this stretch of coast in Tuscany.

The beach is surrounded by a lush pine forest that offers some shade during the hottest hours of the day. The beach has a sandy composition even if there are small stretches of gravel and pebbles. The seabed gently slopes down, making it safe to swim in the sea even for inexperienced swimmers

Marina di Campo

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The beach in Marina di Campo is the longest on all the Island of Elba. It is about 1400 metres long, and sits enclosed between the old part with the tiny port of the town- hence the name of the beach - and on the other the gulf of La Foce. Across the water out on the horizon you can clearly see the Island of Montecristo.

It consists of golden, fine grain sand that has come to be over years of the crumbling of the granite rocks of Monte Capanne. Marina di Campo beach is perfect for small children because the water is shallow till far out: in some parts even as far as 50 metres from the shore you can still wade or play with a ball in the water that barely reaches your waist.

Torre del Lago

Torre del Lago gay friendly beach tuscany italy

Torre del Lago is an important part of the municipality of Viareggio in the northern suburbs of Pisa. It features strong gay community, as well as large wild areas full of nature.

Torre del Lago is also famous for the Puccini Festival that takes place annually in the auditorium built on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli. The beach attracts many tourists every year, attracted by the beauty of the place and the famous dunes covered with vegetation.


Follonica tuscany beach vacanza mare

Follonica is a major town by the sea in Tuscany. About 200 meters from the coast. Follonica beaches are made of fine sand with shallow water. There are several beaches to choose from:

Carbonifera beach is 5 km away from the center of Follonica. The name of this beach comes from the presence of a nineteenth century tower, an ancient commercial point. Torre Mozza beach is just 3 km from the center of Follonica, it’s a beautiful beach "supervised" by an ancient tower. Il Boschetto, Pratoranieri and Lido are the closest beaches to the center of Follonica.

Marina di Bibbona

Marina di Bibbona camp site beach vacanza mare

Marina di Bibbona is a coastal town, a frazione of the municipality of Bibbona, The true jewel of Marina di Bibbona is its coastline, that includes wide sandy beaches and the “Tomboli”, typical vegetation of Mediterranean bush and the characteristic coastal dunes.

You can cycle for hours through the trees finding new parts of the coastline and water inlets making streams through the woods. There are many camp sites and holiday villages situated short walk away from the beach tucked away within the woodland.